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  • 8:18


    Average: 5 (19 votes)
    • Tracklisting:
    1. Gloom

    2. Rumors

    3. First Sight

    4. War

    5. 8:18

    6. Sailor's Prayer

    7. Care More

    8. Martyrs

    9. Black & Blue

    10. Transgress

    11. Number Eleven

    12. Home for Grave

    13. In Heart

    Release Date: September 17, 2013
    Tracks: 13
Average: 5 (19 votes)
Release date: 
September 17, 2013
Total Tracks: 


ICXCseeker's picture

I have heard this album on spotify shortly after it was released and I LOVED IT. I did buy Dead Throne a couple years ago at my local Family Christian store. And I became a fan of the band right when I heard the first song. Which is the title track. There has been a lot of growth In Mike's lyrical skill. I want the band to know that their music actually is such a influence to me emotionally. It gives me hope. 8:18 mentions situations similar to ones I have been having many times in my life. In fact this album made Romans 8:18 one of my favorite verses in Scripture. Thank you The Devil Wears Prada for your awesome music!! May God continue to work in your guys albums! You are now one of my favorite bands.

wilson24's picture

Got it, love it... Amazing!

CalebMoonsamy's picture

the whole album and its dynamic meaning is just brilliant

Piwis Hranica's picture

For me, First Sight is the best song from the album. I really like Mike's screams and the sound of the album in general.

DeeRazo's picture

By far the best TDWP album to date. Everything for the vocals to the sound are epic. Loved every single track.
Home For Grave has to be my favorite tack on the album. Keep up the amazing work! Can't wait to see you again in concert!!

Seth's picture

Track 10 is so moving and very obvious to the reasons what Mike sings about. That has to be my most favorable track on the whole album for me personally, and emotionally. Love it TDWP.

Seth's picture

I am blown away with this new record immensely, the writing skills, vocals, and sounds it's magnificent. Seth loves the new album TDWP!:) very pleased with the outcomes of it.


Even though I've only heard 3 of the 13 songs I'm very pleased with the sound of it so far! I love how it sounds like a mix of Dead Throne and Zombie EP.

Virtzz's picture

I pre ordered a hard copy since day 1 and I was charged twice! ;o and I wonder if I can download this song since I pre ordered it? ;o

AdityaSulankey's picture

cant wait for this. :)

Seth's picture

I am very excited for the new album. Woooooow! Dead Throne is far past now, and soon it will all be about 8:18. I can't wait to see you guys live again for this new record and I know they never disappoint. Listening to Martyrs and Home for Grave it seems Mike's lyric writing has gotten darker but it's beautiful. You guys are amazing!:) Seth loves you.

Brad's picture

It looks really good but i hope that the track "Number Eleven" is not a regression back to the days when their song titles were random or "humorous". I do like their old stuff but i liked the new mature look they have and i hope they are not moving backwards. Eh... i am probably overreacting...